Stupid Zombies is stupid fun - Android game app review

Stupid Zombies

If you like Angry Birds, I'm thinking you'll love Stupid Zombies. As far as Android games go the simplistic object of the game is to shoot stupid zombies. What makes them stupid? They just stand there waiting for you to figure out how shoot them, either directly or by ricocheting your bullets or blowing up something else that falls on them or something. There are explosive containers, boxes, beams, planks and other objects that you can use to kill the stupid zombies for those times when you can't get a direct shot at them. 

You don't move. They don't move. You just set your crosshairs where you want your bullet to go and blast away. You get five bullets for each level and bonus points for any bullets you have left after re-killing the undead.  

This game has four stages and sixty levels in each stage. And the whole damn thing is free.

And I don't know about you, but I'd rather shoot a zombie with a gun than try to kill little birdies with a slingshot.

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