Scrabble-like game, Words with Friends now available for Droid

A while back, I was shopping for an iPod as a birthday gift for my wife. When I would want to listen to music I would use my Droid to connect to a radio station, listen to Slacker or music stored on my SD card. My daughter had her iPod and Blackberry. So, my wife wanted her own "music studio" too.

Of course, I couldn't just buy her a really nice MP3 player. No, no. It HAD to be an actual iPod made by Apple. Okay, to please my wife I'll overpay for the exact same product that I could get from a dozen other quality manufacturers.

Oops. My bad. How wrong could I be? Pretty damned.

Even though I had a Droid, and many of my friends had iPhones, I wasn't aware that the iPod Touch was essentially an iPhone without the phone part. You could actually surf the web, check email, log into Facebook, anywhere there was WiFi service. How cool is that?

So, that's what I got her. And it was without question the single most appreciated gift I've ever given her, even though she rarely uses it for its initial intention: music. I know she really appreciates it because every once in a while she raises her head from one of a dozen or so games of Words with Friends (interactive Scrabble) she is playing simultaneously and says, "Hey, thanks for this thing."

She was so enjoying playing Scrabble that I wanted to play too (albeit not quite so obsessively).  But, alas, there was no Words for Friends for the android platform. Drat!

At that time there wasn't even an alternative, but eventually (probably a couple of days after I wanted it), Word Feud was introduced. Word Feud is essentially the same game as Words with Friends which are both somehow legal rip-offs of the actual game of Scrabble and became available in the Google Android Market. Of course people with iPhones (before Verizon got them) couldn't play against people with Droids. Sort of like the digital version of the Hatfields vs. the McCoys feud.

But, finally, and almost coinciding with the liberation in Egypt, Words with Friends has been released for android. Yay!

Now, my wife and I talk more. Okay, we text chat.

Some say you can find it in the Market, but for sure you can download it from this link on your android device:

UPDATE February 19, 2011: After having a week to play a few games of Words with Friends on my Droid, I'm somewhat dissapointed. After Words with Friends became an app sensation on the iPhone platform, WordFeud was created for the android users.

Although iPhone users claim they don't have the same issues I'm experiencing, I find that Words with Friends runs much slower than WordFeud and crashes often. If I temporarily leave the game, it will invariably Force Close when I try to come back.

Since downloading the app, there has only been one update, but I hope they fix this...or perhaps better yet they come out with a cross-platform WordFeud game.

It may not be as colorful and pretty as Words with Friends, it simply performs better. And in the olden days, our dining room table, where we played Scrabble, wasn't all that pretty either.

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  1. Word Feud is coming out for iOS soon!

  2. It will help too much in order to defeat friends. Word with friends cheat is confidential:)

  3. I love this game!!!!!

    I just can't stop playing. I can't also stop using whatsapp. I have also downloaded whatsapp pc. So I have it on the phone and on pc.