Pocket Android app review - keep track of all the stuff you want to do later - online and offline

If you're like almost everyone else with a Smartphone, you find yourself constantly searching the web for answers to probing questions (like how long do I grill a T-bone steak), articles you intend to read, but don't have time right now, videos your sister-in-law recommended and lots of other websites, Tweets and Facebook posts that you have on your to-do list. When you have time.

Seriously, how often are you looking for something and run across something else which is totally unrelated but interesting? For me, that happens a lot. Of course you can bookmark the page, copy and paste the URL and email it to yourself or use a notepad app to save it. But the Pocket app seems to be the easiest interface to save it and then retrieve it at your convenience.

Simply download the free app and the Pocket icon and link is added to your Share drop-down menu. Then, when you run across a web page you want to save for later, or just to read it when you want, it will be very easy to save it and locate it on your mobile device, tablet or home computer. Simple as that.

Better yet, if you're a traveler and find yourself without internet access, you can even read or view the stuff you saved offline (something you can't do with Bookmarks or notebook apps).

Another cool feature when you download an article is that Pocket automatically gets rid of a lot of the extra stuff (ads and unnecessary coding) and makes the reading much nicer.

This app review is for the Android version of Pocket, but it is also available on iOS.

You can download the Android app here.

Stupid afterthoughts: If you download a billiards game page for later viewing, you could call it "Pocket Pool." If you save a website on combustible projectiles you could refer to it as your "Pocket Rocket." (Sorry.)


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