Arrow Flick Android Game is right on target - app review

In a never ending onslaught of Android and iPhone games, Arrow Flick hits a bulls eye.

I download a lot of games, even if only to review them, and I will tell you that it's been a while since I downloaded one which will stay on my phone and be part of my routine for playing certain games that I really like when the mood hits me. Sometimes I want to kill Zombies, other times I want to bowl or play ski ball. Well, now I'm also going to want to shoot my bow and arrow at targets and occasionally get lucky enough to hit one of the animals who mosey onto the screen.

I'm not a big fan of hunting and shooting defenseless animals, but then again, I don't have anything against Zombies, and I love blowing them away with a variety of cool weapons.

Arrow Flick starts out easy. Well, it's called easy but it took me a number of shots before I actually hit a target. As you're practicing shooting at targets on the backs of animated stuffed dummies, an occasional  real live animated animal walks into the scene. I usually miss them, but I have hit a couple.

Once I got the hang of aiming, drawing back the bow and releasing it in the general direction of the target, I made it through the Easy level in what I imagine is a reasonable amount of time. It did take me a little longer than it would have, but sometimes I missed on purpose just to see the funny, rude insults which would be thrown at me because of my incompetence.

But now that I'm getting better I will look deeper into some of the features the game offers, like choosing different arrows and quivers.

There are six free rounds in  three game modes. You get points by accomplishing 183 different achievements which includes hitting all three targets, head shots, kill shots and a variety of other things I may never accomplish. Each of the three game modes (Easy, Normal and High Wind Challenge), has 50 rounds.

If you like a fun distraction that you can come back to time and again, I highly recommend Arrow Flick. Great graphics, sound and play. Plus I also learned what the hell a quiver was.

Available on Android and iOS.