The Million Second Quiz app is a fun game and brilliant marketing

If you like trivia this is a great app regardless of the connection to the NBC game show which premieres on Monday, September 9th. Download the app from Google Play and just have fun.

However, if you reach a reasonable plateau (about 20 games assuming you win your share of them), you can also apply to be a Line Jumper and actually appear on the NBC show in New York City.

The game is wonderfully simple: you play against a live opponent located somewhere in the country (the app shows you where your opponent resides) and you each are presented with ten questions with varying point values. You have five seconds to answer each of the questions and once completed, the winner is awarded the seat in the money chair and receives bonus points.

Once the app was finally available for Android I downloaded it and began playing. The only flaw in the Million Dollar Quiz game is that it wouldn't allow me to log in through my Facebook account and when I play I have to Play Anyone (the computer finds an opponent) because the Play with Friends option is not active.

As I said the game is fun and once you have applied to be on the show you do have an outside chance of being contact to appear on the television show and win $10 every second, $36,000 an hour, $864,000 a day.

Now that I think of it, since I've already qualified, why don't you not download the Million Dollar Quiz. That way I have a better chance of being called.

Never mind.

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