Android free game app reviews - a few that got my attention

I really wish that I could take the time to download and explore every app that is submitted to me to review. It would be a very cool job since most of the submissions I receive are Android game apps. It would also be a very bad paying job. So most just sit there in my inbox. Never downloaded. Never given a chance to entertain.

Although the apps that get my attention are productivity and creative apps, I do like to play an occasional game. Regular readers know that I think the standard for Android games is Stupid Zombies (reviewed here) and Stupid Zombies 2. Simple and fun. I also like word games and some adventure games, but if I tried to learn the ins-and-outs of all of the games sent to me for review I wouldn't have time for anything else in my life.

So, just so I'm not totally negligent, here are a few games that have occupied my time in recent weeks because, in a weak moment, I downloaded them based on an email request or personal recommendation.

Fruit Ninja Free

Slice fruit. Get points. Avoid bombs. The game has a few options and offers some interesting fruit trivia. I give it a 7.931 out of 8.2461392.

Download Fruit Ninja Free from Google Play.

Stick Swing

This Android game has long been one of my favorites, but it took me a while to re-find it. Originally its title had something to do with Spiderman, but I think the real Spiderman got upset.

Basically it's a stickman who shoots a web and swings to varying size platforms. The closer you come to the middle of the platform, the more points you get. You also have to deal with changing wind and gravity intensity. Great frickin' game.

Download from Google Play here.

Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 is the sequel to, you guessed it, Super Stickman Golf, which I never played. I hear it was fun, award winning and that this one is much better. So, I'm not gonna even bother downloading the one that isn't as good as this one. I'm smart that way.

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The sequel is a simple, fun golf game unlike other golf games (except maybe Stickman Golf 1). You don't choose your clubs and you defy gravity and other laws of nature as you try to get your little ball into a hole which may be down at the bottom of a crevice or atop a mountain while you're stuck in a cave below. Bunkers, water traps and a more than 20 courses. There are power-ups, customizable characters (I have a cool pirate hat on my guy but not sure if it does anything for my golf game), a few dozen achievements and online multiplayer action if you're so inclined.

Once I completed that first course and unlocked the second, I never thought I'd get through it. But I did. And I'm on my way to Level 3.

A fun distraction. Get it here.


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