Pulse News Reader app review - pick your news, sports, entertainment, technology updates

The Pulse News Reader is available on Android, iPhone and iPad platforms and is the best app I've seen to cleanly view updated news and information in any area of interest. The interface is colorful and easy to navigate and because of it's simplicity has made it so I don't generally bother even opening all of the other news apps I have on my Droid (Time, New York Times, USA Today, etc.)

I have a lot more to explore with the Pulse News Reader, because it has a lot of features that I haven't even looked into, but I wanted to share my initial reaction to this great app.

Your news stories appear as a graphical tab, with a brief teaser headline. It's a very nice way to scan through available stories. When you click on a story of interest you are instantly transported to an easy to read text version, or you have the option to go to the original story on the web.

The main screen on the Pulse News Reader displays a bunch of Top Story options in editable categories. Top News, Top Fun Stories, Top Techonology, etc. You can also scroll to the right to access Social Networking stories, Entertainment, Sports, Business and probably other options I haven't even found yet.

You can share your favorite stories on Facebook and it integrates nicely with Google Reader.

If you're looking to save some of your system space by having only one news app, I'm thinkin' this is the one.

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  1. This rules, love the widget, could be a little faster on to load full stories. Wish there was a browser/desktop based version I could sync with so I could leave google reader. Curation on the "top ___ stories" is great too, helps keep the important stuff at the top effectively


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