The Android browser wars! Default, Opera or Dolphin?

I use all three of these browsers from time to time. But, the one that is winning my personal browser war is Dolphin.

When I first discovered the Opera Mini browser on my Blackberry, I found it to be a great improvement over the default browser. The interface was smoother and it seemed faster. When I discovered that there was an Opera Mini for Droid I went to market and downloaded.
opera mini browser for droid android forum blogI liked it on the Droid even more than I liked it on the Blackberry. The fact that it had a sort of tab main page which features your most-often-visited sites was great. I also liked the password storage feature.
The one drawback that kept me from using it more was the fact that even after Froyo arrived and Flash was loaded, watching Flash videos just didn't work.
So, I used it to log into my Google AdSense account and the Scrabble Cheat page, but other than that I kept using the default browser that came with the Droid.

And then....somebody turned me on to the Dolphin browser. No contest. The clear winner. Real tabs, Flash plays fine.
One of features I really love about the Dolphin browser, is that you can set it to delete all of your history and cache each time you exit the browser. This works only if you click the menu button, and then Exit. If you are multi-tasking and simply closing the browser to go elsewhere on your Droid, the Dolphin browser will still have the pages you loaded available to you. Very cool.

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